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What to Expect

We get it. After the past year, everyone's a bit Zoom'd out and not eager to voluntarily jump on another video call. That's why we're planning Out In Faith to take you beyond the "sit and listen" conference call and give you plenty of opportunities to connect and engage with other LGBTQ Christians and allies.

Take a look to see how this will not be your typical Zoom call:


Whova – Event Platform

Out In Faith will be hosted on the Whova Event Platform, allowing you more opportunities to connect with fellow attendees. The Whova portal will be your one-stop place to find all schedule details, watch links, community boards, participant meet-ups, and more. It’s free and easy to use, and puts you in control of your conference experience. 

Spatial Chat – Virtual Networking App

This isn’t your typical online networking app. Spatial Chat immerses you in an explorable environment which makes you feel like you’re back at the conference center mixing and mingling with others!  Walk around to meet and mingle with others or break off into a smaller group chat to discuss the featured presentation from earlier—it’s all possible in our Spatial Chat lounge.

Schedule elements

Networking Breaks

Even at in-person events, no one wants to sit around all day in back-to-back sessions. While we’re excited to bring you great content, we’re also giving you plenty of breaks and opening up our virtual lounge so you can meet and talk with others.

Roundtable Discussions

We’re introducing a dedicated time for you to be able to discuss important topics with your fellow attendees, topics selected specifically by you. We’re setting up the virtual tables and giving you the space to discuss in-depth with others about the issues and questions important to you as LGBTQ Christians and allies.

Interactive Q&As

One of the important elements of an engaging presentation is being able to ask questions of the speakers, and Out In Faith will be no different. We’re providing you the ability to still ask questions and connect with session presenters, just like if you were in the breakout room with them. 

Have a suggestion?

Know of a technology solution or other schedule element that can help make sure you’re connected and interacting with others during the event? We want to hear about it! Our team is passionate about ensuring this is a true community event, so let us know!

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